How to taste beer

Learn how to taste beer and what you’re tasting for.

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Beer Tasting Overview: Taste Beer Like a Pro

Want to learn how to taste beer like a pro? Start with this overview, then take a deep dive into each step below.

Beer Tasting Step 1: Appearance

What a beer looks like can help set expectations for the flavours & textures we’ll find. See for yourself.

Beer Tasting Step 2: Aroma

Did you know there are 5 different ways to smell a beer? Discover what the nose knows.

Beer Tasting Step 3: Taste

Yes, we can find all 5 basic tastes in beer. But some are more common than others…

Beer Tasting Step 4: Texture

A beer’s texture helps us determine if it’s a summertime thirst quencher or winter warmer. Find out how.

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