Czech Premium Pale Lager

Glassware: Bavarian seidel
  • Czech Republic
  • Lager
  • ABV = 4.2 – 5.8% (Lower to normal)^
  • IBU = 30-45
  • SRM = 3.5-6
A gold-coloured Czech lager, with complex, yet well-balanced, malt and hop flavours.

More colour, malt richness, and body than German Pils with a softer, rounded finish.


  • Colour^ = Straw to gold
  • Clarity = Brilliant

Key Aromas & Flavours:

  • Malt = Moderate; bready-rich
  • Yeast = None (Optional: low level of diacetyl)
  • Hops = Moderate; spicy, floral, or herbal
  • Malt = Moderate; bready-rich, may contain a slight impression of caramel
  • Yeast = None (Optional: low level of diacetyl)
  • Hops = Moderate; floral and spicy
  • Perceived Bitterness^ = Pronounced
  • Balance = Well-balanced between complex malt flavours and a strong, but clean, bitterness

The long, rounded finish can be balanced towards hops or malt but is never aggressively tilted either way.


  • Body = Medium
  • Carbonation = Low to medium

Characteristic Ingredients/Processes:

  • Malt = Pilsner malt
  • Yeast = Czech lager yeast
  • Hops = Czech hop varietals
  • Other = Soft mineral-free water is best suited for this style
  • Process = Decoction mash is traditional

Historical Development:

Commonly associated with Pilsner Urquell, which was first brewed in 1842 in Pilsen, Czech Republic.  

In the Czech Republic, only Pilsner Urquell is called a Pilsner, despite how widely adopted this name is worldwide; hence the style name Czech Premium Pale Lager.

Commercial Examples:

Pilsner Urquell, Bernard Sváteční ležák, Gambrinus Premium

^Sourced from the Cicerone Certification Program’s International Certified Beer Server Syllabus.
All other information is sourced from the BJCP 2015 Style Guidelines.

Discovering Beer is not affiliated with or endorsed by the Cicerone® Certification Program.

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