Beer glassware: Preparation for service

The “Beer glassware” series explores glassware selection, cleaning, and preparation for service. New to the series? Start here.

Now that we’ve selected our glass – and, all-importantly, made sure it’s “beer clean” – we’ve got two last steps to get it ready for service.

Check the temperature

The temperature of our glassware is an important consideration.

Glassware should never be warm to the touch when filled, as this can cause the beer to lose carbonation and go flat very quickly. (Also, warm beer? No, thank you!)

But frozen or frosted glassware is not recommended either.

Here’s why:

  • Firstly, it makes beer too cold (dulling the flavour)
  • It can also cause foaming while pouring (ice crystals in the glass can cause the beer’s carbon dioxide gas to come out of solution)
  • Finally, the glass may have frozen water or sanitiser present inside (which can cause off-flavours in the beer)

For these reasons, room temperature or chilled storage is best for our beer clean glassware.

Give it a rinse

So opt for a room temperature or chilled glass and – just before filling it – feel free to give it a cold water rinse.

This step will:

  • Remove any residual sanitiser, if present
  • Cool the glass, particularly if it’s still warm from washing (as glasses should never be warm to the touch when filled), and
  • Help with ideal head formation and retention

And remember, glass rinsers should only be used with clean glassware. Rinsing a glass is not a substitute for washing it and a used glass should never be refilled. (More on glass washing and how to tell if your glass is beer clean here.)

Finally(!), our glass is ready to be filled. Learn all about the perfect pour for bottled beer here and kegged beer here.

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