Discovering Beer is here to help make beer make sense

Beer is simply too delicious to remain undiscovered.

So start your journey of discovery here by learning the foundations – how to taste beer, what beer is made from and how it’s made.

Then, you’ll be all set to explore the wide world of beer and find your favourite. With 100+ styles, there really is a beer out there for everyone.

Check back for future lessons on beer and food pairing, beer styles, service, and more.

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Natalya Watson (aka @beerwithnat)

Brought to you by Natalya Watson, Beer Sommelier

Natalya is a Beer Sommelier and Advanced Cicerone® passionate about sharing her knowledge of beer with others.

Her debut book, Beer: Taste the Evolution in 50 Styles, was published by Kyle Books in March 2020. She regularly teaches at The Beer & Cider Academy, judges at beer competitions and produces and hosts the podcast ‘Beer with Nat’. Learn more on beerwithnat.com.

Brought to you by Beer with Nat

Natalya Watson, Beer Sommelier & Advanced Cicerone

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